• Sit down, be humble.
  • We'll be running, running, running.
  • 'Cause I'm young and in love. I'm young and in love.
  • I'm good, I'm good, I'm great. Know its been a while, now I'm mixing up the drank.
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  • i'm seventeen! | ♡
  • rookie rookie | ♡
  • happy new year | ♡
  • stressed (rant) | ♡

  • follow me to my bed, ‘cause every time you fall, i’ll be holdin’ your head up ♡
  • i saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours. yeah, you look happier, you do.
  • all you have to do is stay a minute, just take your time, the clock is ticking, so stay. ♥
  • i know you've been hurt by the way that you look away from me too early
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  • passionate from miles away
  • the king's masquerade
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  • Same old love
  • Always...
  • Spring 🌸
  • Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground

  • so alone all the time at night
  • like to be on my taglist
  • nursing my sore blunt tongue
  • " no one tells me to do anything. "
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  • ♡ | 'we're never done with killing time, can i kill it with you?'
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  • ♡ | i have returned from a long hiatus

  • something fallen based?
  • i've been awful recently :c
  • a future of happiness all in your hands, here in this place of your dreams
  • the bedrooms my runway, slap me, i'm pinned to the door way, kiss, bite.

  • ~jump on that dirty vibe~
  • ~every time you touch me I just die in your arms~
  • ~shboom shboom~
  • ~this time, baby, i'll be bulletproof~